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Facade systems are used to construct glazed facades of buildings such as banks, hotels, offices, office buildings, car showrooms, sports halls, etc. They are also used to construct many other spatial and roof glazing structures to provide adequate lighting for building interiors and create appropriate atmospheric conditions for users. They are an excellent tool for shaping contemporary architecture and implementing cutting-edge design visions. Façade windows are suitable for a variety of architectural concepts.

Individual design solutions are also possible, i.e. systems developed according to strictly-defined criteria in cooperation with building designers. Façade windows can be made to fulfil unusual, project-specific requirements in terms of aesthetics and technical specifications.


The most diverse façade solutions are based on the MB-SR50 mullion and transom wall system. Their selection is based not only on the thermal insulation requirements for an individual structure, but also on aesthetic expectations. The MB-SR50 system facilitates constructions with a variety of external characteristics: apart from the basic version, there are other options such as: the so-called vertical or horizontal line (MB-SR50PL), “semi-structural” facade (MB-SR50 EFEKT), “Industrial” version or the overlay system (MB-SR50A), used on a load-bearing construction made of wood or steel profiles.

Schüco mullion-transom facades

The family of Schüco facade systems offers an exceptionally wide range of mullion and transom structures for a wide variety of architectural concepts. The projected solutions based on the widely renown Schüco FW 50+ and FW 60+ systems guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of energy, safety, automation and design.


The FA50N system of aluminium profiles is designed for making modern curtain walls with plain and complex shapes (turns, bends). It also allows the construction of glazed roofs, skylights and spatial structures. The supporting structure of such a curtain wall consists of vertical (mullions) and horizontal (transoms) profiles with a box section and a standard width of 50 mm. Within its supporting structure it is possible to apply various types of fillings such as: single and composite panes, polycarbonate panels, facade panels made of composite materials and others. The thickness of such a filling is up to 48 mm.

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