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ALUPROF aluminium systems enable the construction of various types of windows and doors depending on the range of their application and detailed requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, anti-burglary protection, smoke or fire resistance.

They include structures without thermal insulation, used to build internal partitions (MB-45) or to build balcony enclosures (MB-23P) as well as solutions based on thermally-insulated profiles (MB-60, MB-70, MB-59S).

Most of such systems are available in the “HI” version characterised by special section inserts which reduce thermal conductivity. MB-86 is the latest system offered by our company, applying innovative material and technical solutions to achieve excellent construction specifications, especially in terms of thermal energy savings. MB system series provide a basis for folding doors, anti-burglary structure and smoke-ventilation windows.

High stability, energy efficiency, property appreciation, freedom of design, narrow frames, smooth operation, minimum maintenance and durability. With aluminium windows you can offer yourself and your home a high standard for years.

  • Complete weather protection
  • Property appreciation
  • High translucency

Due to the application of a safe spray-system for chemical aluminium processing, the company uses chromium-free products. Systems produced by Yawal S.A. offer the highest quality and the latest technology, with enhanced energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and mounting time. The Yawal

Group consists of:

  • 3 production lines for aluminium profiles
  • one of the largest anodising plants in Europe
  • high-storage warehouse
  • fully automated vertical powder coating plant.

tradition, trust.

JEZIERSKI products stand for technologically advanced materials, modern production process and invaluable staff experience. The key ingredient of the JEZIERSKI brand are our business partners, who provide advice and assistance over a wide range of architectural projects: from standard to highly complex. We are happy to receive feedback regarding our services at our retail outlets in order to optimally adapt to the requirements of our customers.
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energy and cost
There is no need to compromise when it comes to insulating your own home. Our windows guarantee the highest energy efficiency, thus ensuring lower heating costs.
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What properties should ideal windows have? Find out more about the energy efficiency, safety, design and comfort of our windows and other products.
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of the situation
Many intrusions can be prevented by following a policy and using appropriate security measures. Thanks to our windows and entrance doors, you can virtually eliminate the risk of burglary.